Bay Area Executive Coach

In this interview, Michael talks with Terri Citterman, CEO Executive Coach and author of "From the CEO's Perspective." Teri shares her experience as an executive coach and gives advice for working with a team, working with large companies, and being a new coach. Check out the video and timestamps below to learn more!

Center for Executive Coaching

Teri Citterman is a Center for Executive Coaching alumni who has built a strong brand platform as a certified executive coach, based on her book From the CEO's Perspective. She coaches top CEOs and their teams in some stellar organizations, and here she shares her advice. She is known for being bold and stepping outside her comfort zone, and she will help you to do the same in this interview!

Dare to be Deliberate

Teri Citterman is an Executive Coach, author, speaker and leader who helps people level up their careers through great communication. In this conversation, Teri and Angee talk about the importance of building relationships early in your career, how to gain influence, and communicate for impact. Bottom line, when executives ask for information, tell them what time it is, not how the clock works.

Female Firebrands

Executive coach and author of From the CEO’s Perspective Teri Citterman shares how to prepare and respond effectively when faced with sexist comments at work – and how things have changed (or not changed) in the workplace in the wake of #metoo.

What Fuels You

Executive performance coach, Teri Citterman interviewed Fuel Talent’s CEO for the first episode of the What Fuels You podcast. Now, Shauna turns the tables. In this episode, Teri has unbelievable experience working with a countless CEOs and has incredible nuggets of wisdom to share.

What Fuels You

On the first episode of What Fuels You, host Shauna Swerland, Founder and CEO of Fuel Talent is interviewed by executive coach, author and friend, Teri Citterman. This interview sets the tone for the podcast and what's to come as the season unfolds.


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